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Vietnam Tours

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Despite years of wars, conflicts and colonization, Vietnam has emerged to become one of South East Asia’s top holiday destinations. Vietnam is bordered in the North by China, Laos in the North-West, Cambodia in the South-West and the Vung Tau to the East. With an estimated 91.5 million inhabitants, Vietnam has one of the fastest growing economies in the World. This stunning country offers never ending picture perfect landscapes, the most scrumptious food and last but not least the people who are the friendliest and most fun people around.

Traveling around Vietnam is relatively easy with every conceivable mode as an option, ranging from 1 star to 5 star. The coastline of Vietnam is 3,444 km (2,140 mi) long and National Highway One runs alongside of it for most of the way. Most tourists travel either from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh or vice-versa. Just pick your starting location and the rest can be organized for you. It is the best way to see the country and all it has to offer. For long haul distances and time permitting, flying is another option to visit the main areas for shorter trips.

If you are starting in Hanoi, try to spend at least two days there to see all it has to offer. Side trips to Halong Bay for a stay on a traditional junk on emerald waters or Sapa in the mountains where you will see the most spectacular rice terraced mountains around. There are a lot of places near or around Hanoi so check them out while you are there. The next point of interest is the ancient Imperial Capital of Hue located approximately 335 km (539 mi). Located in central Vietnam, this place is a must see on your trip. Also located not far from Hue are Danang and Hoian. If you like the beach then have we got the places for you. Danang is a large city with an international airport. Hoian is a smaller town popular for its tailor shops and ancient style houses.

Further south is popular Nha Trang. This beautiful beach side resort town is heaven if you are into water sports or just relaxing on the beach. It hosts an array of islands which are easily accessible by boat. You can go inland from Nha Trang to the tranquil hill station town of Dalat. This beautiful town reminds you of a European village in the Alps. There is a lot to do or see around Dalat or just relax on the banks of the lake in the heart of the city for an ice cream. The clean fresh air and coolness of the place make it a haven for Vietnamese travelers.

On arrival in Ho Chi Minh City you will be amazed by this bustling metropolis. With an estimated population of around 8 million people and about 6 million motorbikes! You’ll find it exciting and busy and a shopper’s paradise. Shop till you drop and check out the local attractions. Further south from Ho Chi Minh City is the mighty Mekong Delta, the rice bowl of Vietnam. The sights and attraction here are focused mainly on the mighty Mekong River which branches out to form a delta here before reaching the sea. Discover the life of the people living here and be amazed at their friendly nature.

Vietnamese cuisine is outstanding and varies in different parts of the country. Don’t miss out on these special dishes which can be acquired for as little as $1! The traditional dish for Vietnamese people is Pho (traditional rice noodle soup) and is enjoyed at all hours of the day. You will see food stalls with BBQs everywhere you go. BBQ pork chops or chicken served with rice, vegetables and soup are usually the fare. Vietnam has heaps of traditional dishes and it’s worth doing some research of them before you come. For those who prefer western or different food there are a wide range of western food choices in all tourist attraction areas.

The best thing about Vietnam is the people. You will find them to be very friendly and usually with a smile on their face. They are very upfront about what they ask you and usually just want to talk to you to practice their English. It’s not unusual to be invited into a Vietnamese home for a meal and drinks. What is theirs is yours and they are extremely upfront if you need to pay your own way. The experience is worth it. You will find everyone here to be particularly friendly and nice and formal to old people and great with the kids. Make sure to get out and make an effort to meet the locals so you can understand the country even more.

Mentioned above are just a small amount of things to do in Vietnam. Get out and do your own thing when you have free time on your tour. Contact our friendly and efficient staff now to book a tour or tailor design your own tour depending on your needs. We are pleased to be at your service and promise to make your trip to our country a memory that you will treasure forever. Even if you are not sure about your trip, please feel free to contact us at any time so we can answer any queries you may have.