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Our team

1/ Mr Dzung Trinh / Founder and Managing director

Xin Chao, I am Dzung Trinh , I am the founder and managing director of  TNK Travel. I was born in Dalak province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in 1976 and grew up in the Mekong Delta. I joined the tourism industry in 1994 as a local tour guide while I was taking a 4 year in-service training course specializing in English Linguistics in my hometown, My Tho and worked for the Tien Giang Youth Tourist Company in the position of assistant Manager since I was 20 years old. Thanks to this opportunity, I have learnt a lot from travelers, these jobs and my management board.

As a result, English and the travel industry have changed my life from a pumpkin to a completely mature guy. When I graduated from my course, I got a B.A in English and moved to Ho Chi Minh city in 1998. It was a great chance for me to join the Hanoi Tourism Branch where I worked in different positions such as tour leader, marketing and the operations department. I enjoyed working with this company and got a chance to obtain another 4 years in-service training course in business administration.

Traveling extensively through the Indochina peninsula and a lot of Asian countries as a tour leader over the years, I fell in love with these countries and would love to share my experience and passion to travelers who are eager to see these places. These experiences gave me the strength to have great confidence to establish TNK Travel in 2001.

2/ Ms Nhu Pham ( Director of Finance )

Hello, This is Nhu Pham from Bao Loc – Lam Dong province. I happened to join tourism industry since 2000 when I met Dzung Trinh, my husband now. Nowadays, the more I study and work in this travel industry, the more I love it. I have been to a lot of countries to learn more about this business. Every trip to a new country always give me a new concept and experience. I like new technologies, reading books, traveling. Sharing the feelings of the staff, listening to their ideas and suggestions are vital part of my job. The rest of the time, I am taking care of accounting department. I am happy to support Dzung and TNK. Our little son also wants to involve in travel business.

3/ Mr Vi Trinh / Co-Founder and Vice Director

Mr Vi Trinh is the co-founder of TNK Travel. He has been travelling a lot around Vietnam and Cambodia, Laos for his study in forestry before joining the travel industry. He has great knowledge of the culture, customs about Indochina peninsula. Today, He plays a vital part of TNK Travel in managing a transportation fleet of 30 different type of vehicles. He has two university degrees in forestry and business administration.

4/ Ms Luu Vo / Sales Manager

My name is Luu and I am from Dalat city. I worked for Dalat tourist company for 10 years before moving to Hochiminh city. I have joined TNK Travel since March 2003 and been enjoying with this company. I was impressed by Dzung Trinh’s vision and his manner. TNK Travel offers a great working environment and professional style. I enjoy sharing my experience with my colleagues and helping the travellers to understand more about Vietnamese culture, people and customs. I have learnt from the organization and the travellers. I am expecting a bright future with my company.

5/ Mr Danh Nguyen

Hello, My name is Danh and I am from Dalat. I have graduated from the Saigon Marketing College. I like travelling and playing football on weekend. I enjoy telling travelers about my beautiful country and especially Dalat, my hometown. I like my stable job and have been working for TNK Travel for 5 years. I am here to plan you a perfect trip to Vietnam.

6/ Ms Mai Lam

Hi! My name is Mai. My hobbies are travelling, shopping, reading books. I love Vietnamese cuisine. I am dealing with all hoteliers, cruisers who are working with TNK Travel. I always obtain the best rates with them since I have a lovely voice.

7/ Ms Ha Le

My name is Ha (it means Summer). I like traveling since I was in high school. That is the reason why I chose to study tourism. I love my country and enjoy telling people about its great history and people.

8/ Ms Ly Nguyen / S.I.C Tour manager

My name’s Ly Nguyen. I was born and grew up the bustling city of Hochiminh city. I graduated at the Art & Culture College in 2008. My major is tourism. I have worked for a few travel agencies to gain experience before joining TNK Travel. Everyday, I meet hundreds of travelers from our organized S.I.C tours therefore I have learnt a lot from them. I enjoy working in with this dynamic team. I like traveling aboard and I will carry out my dream shortly.

9/ Mr Keiji Yoshida / Japanese deparment manager

Hello everybody,

I am Keiji Yoshida of TNK Travel – Japanese section Manager. I am born in Kuwana city near the Nagoya in middle of Japan. My birthday is April 3rd 1980.

I was a backpacking to Vietnam in 2003 while I was a university student. I met Mr Dzung Trinh, TNK Travel ‘s president in his office to arrange a cheapest way to Phuquoc island, He absolutely proved to be a professional travel consultant, I was really impressed by his manner and his ideas for life and business. We immediately became close friends after I returned from the trip. Mr Dzung Trinh has asked me & Ghenshun to join his team to get involved in travel business to serve Japanese travelers …. time goes by, we have grown up and learn a lot from this business. Nowadays, our section has more than 20 staffs in Hochiminh city, Hanoi, Hue. I would love to thank everyone who used to help me during my first days to survive in Saigon, say hello to all De Tham friends, cyslos drivers and Ms Hieu who offered us cheap dinners every night at Bui Vien corner since our beginning. In my mind, the relations between staff of TNKTRAVEL and staff of Japanese section are irreplaceable things in my life.