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Myanmar Tours

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Myanmar is one the last truly untapped regions in Southeast Asia. It has a richly diverse culture with some of the deepest running Buddhist heritage on the planet. Bordered by Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh, Myanmar is a land inhabited by many different peoples. Colourful hill tribes dot the highlands, coastal fishing communities live along the beautiful Indian Ocean, and throughout there are the smiling faces of the Burmese.Visit this website for further information about Myanmar

Myanmar’s former capital Yangon, has retained much of its languid tropical feel. Crumbling colonial buildings are slowly being restored as new hotels and restaurants fill the niche of catering to travellers needs. You may not find a wealth of luxury accommodations here, but there are plenty of accommodation choices in all the main tourist towns.

Travel upriver along the Irrawaddy where towns such as Pagan and Mandalay will blow your mind with their inconceivably vast number of Buddhist temples, pagodas and ancient palaces. Around 87 per cent of Myanmar’s population is Buddhist. Although a large part of the upper and lower reaches of the country are off limits to foreigners, there are a dozen world class sites which have an ever-expanding tourism infrastructure.Visit this website for further information about Myanmar Population

Travelling to Myanmar isn’t as simple as buying a plane ticket and going, but most of the time the borders are open to foreigners. This is one destination where it pays to keep abreast of the political climate before you go, but once you get inside you’ll be rewarded with some of the most genuine, un-Westernised scenes in Asia. Most visitors need a visa to enter Myanmar, which can take a long time to process. Be sure and plan ahead and be prepared with alternative travel ideas.

With breath-taking landscapes from towering Himalayan peaks to the white sandy beaches of Ngapali along the Andaman Coast, the unparalleled, lustrous cities of Yangon and Mandalay, a wealth of spiritual and archeological heritage in Bagan and extremely friendly and hospitable peoples to match – you will discover that Myanmar is just the place you’re looking for, a place that will continue to live in your memory long after your Myanmar holiday.

For those travelers wanting to see the highlights, The Best of Myanmar tour takes you to eclectic Yangon, the pagoda plains of Bagan where hidden trails are explored by horse carts, to the deep blue shores of Inle Lake, and to the former royal capital Mandalay.

Feeling adventurous? Then take the road less traveled to Mrauk U by boat and discover why this hidden city, the 15th-century capital and once one of the wealthiest places in Asia, is now a major archeological site.

Still uncertain of where you’d like to go on your Myanmar vacation? Depending on what time of year you want to travel and what kind of holiday you’re in search of – cultural exploration, honeymoon, adventure or family vacation – our Myanmar tour specialists can provide you with top-notch advice based on first-hand local knowledge found only from years of living there.