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Cambodia Package Tours

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Although Cambodia is labeled as a quite small country in Southeast Asia, it is indeed a must-visit place, rivaling neighbors, such as Vietnam and Thailand. What makes it special is a glorious history, especially in the Golden Age of the Khmer Kingdom. The richness in the culture and history made up the splendor and uniqueness of architecture. That is the reason why you will obtain an opportunity to witness spectacular Angkor temples and other ancient structures. Apart from those charms in architecture, a Cambodia package tour may also cover peaceful alluring floating villages, temple-dotted jungles, experiences in the urban life, show watching, etc.

If you now have no idea to make a memorable trip through Cambodia, Cambodia Package Tours from TNK Travel will help you and be committed to bringing you the best services so that what you experience in that country are the most unforgettable ones in your life. The following are several things to get from a Cambodia Package Tour.

Pub Street

Situated in the heart of downtown Siem Reap, Pub Street always hums when the night comes. Labeled as an area of backpackers is because Pub Street attracts lots of travelers to experience recreation activities or savor the most unique specialties. More excitingly, it is supposed that ordering a drink of beer to take a sip while chatting with international friends or seeing the pulsating perspective of streets never fails to make any gourmet happy.

Angkor Wat Archaeological Park

There is no word which has enough power to best describe the beauty of Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. Instead, you had better come to witness its scenery. With the talent of architects in the 18th century, the park embraces about 600 structures scattered on the area of 40 square meters. Among those structures are Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm, Bayon Temple, and Angkor Wat.  

Royal Palace

Royal Palace is one of the must-visit destinations for any international tourist to Phnom Penh. It was erected when King Norodom Sihanouk moved the capital from Oudong to Phnom Penh. The palace is a complex of buildings and the home of royal families. It is also where rituals of a court and events related to foreign affairs take place.


Sihanoukville is widely known as a port town and a famous beach destination for relaxation, next to the Gulf of Thailand. Sihanoukville is the only town with the water-deep port in Cambodia, attracting visitors to its stunning white sand beaches and islands surrounded by palm trees. It is surely an ideal getaway from the heat of tropical climate. Apart from chilling out at the enchanting beaches, you can also arrive in small bars for a sip of some drinks, such as beer or cocktail, or come to a food stall near the beaches for seafood and fireworks.  

Koh Rong Island

Lying in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Rong Island is just 20 kilometers away from Shihanoukville. It will take you approximately 2 hours by boat to reach the destination. Unlike the irrepressible perspective of Shihanoukville, Koh Rong is doubtlessly a heaven of tranquility and peace where you can immerse into transparent warm water. The reason for choosing this island as a must-see spot in your Cambodia package tour is that it ranks the 45 most deserving destinations for 2012, and it is also labeled as Haiwaii of Asia.  


Kep was discovered by the French and has been exploited for one century. Until now, it is always referred to as the place of hidden charms which consist of turquoise water, imposing beaches, ancient villas in the French styles, small cafés, and tenuous bungalows.

Not only does a Cambodia package tour include the above spots, but it will also take you to Tonle Sap Lake, Koh Ta Kiew Island, Battambang, Bokor National Park, etc.