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Cambodia Muslim Tours

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Cambodia – an Asian country rich in culture, history of civilizations, and mysteries is indeed a deserving destination in the itinerary of any Muslim who wishes to explore the best of the world. Not only that, it is also a country of religious structures, splendid temples, rare wildlife, imposing eco-tourism spots, and nice people. That is the reason why Cambodia Muslim Tours are designed and offered to the Muslim people so that they can gradually approach the quintessence of the beautiful Cambodia. Then, ever wonder what they can find and experience when arriving there? Just take a look at the suggestions below:

Angkor Wat Archaeological Park

Recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Angkor Wat Archaeological covers the area of more than 400 square kilometers, embracing a large number of temples and unique structures erected in the Khmer Empire era. It is known that Angkor Wat is exactly the main reason for about 50% of international visitors to Cambodia every year, so there is no doubt that the site plays a crucial role in the country’s development of tourism. The popular things to see include Bayon, Angkor Wat, and root-riddle Ta Prohm.   

National Museum of Cambodia

Besides Angkor Wat Archaeological Park, the National Museum is also considered a big contribution to the number of visitors to Cambodia. The museum is the place where you can find the world’s greatest collection of Khmer artifacts. In more detail, what to see and learn about the Khmer era, also displayed in the museum embrace ceramics, sculptures, and ancient objects allegedly made in the prehistoric, pre-Angkorian, and post- Angkorian ages. Through that visit, you can get insights in the prominent chapters of history in Cambodia.   

The Royal Palace

Coming to Cambodia but missing the Royal Palace is really a regrettable thing for sure. With the stunning architecture, especially in terms of golden roofs, the palace always looks emerging among the area. It is referred to as the official royal residence of King Sihamoni, so many zones of its sprawling grounds are not open to the public. Despite that, the Throne Hall and some surrounding buildings can be entered whereby you can absorb the charming details of elaborately decorated temples and structures fringed by tropical gardens.

Silver Pagoda

The Silver Pagoda is also famous for its official name, Wat Ubosoth Ratanaram and situated on the south side of the Royal Palace. As you know, Cambodia is a country of Buddhism and Hinduism; hence, it is not difficult to bump into elegant structures where people worship Buddha, and the Silver Pagoda is one of them. This pagoda is home to brilliant statues of Buddha, including a small green crystal one and a life-size golden one. Currently, it is not only for worship, but also serves as a tourist attraction, for which more and more visitors from other places come to admire.

For a Cambodia Muslim tour, apart from the above attractions, there are also dozens of things or places to explore, and it is better to go on one which lasts for many days, which will amaze Muslim people because of the differences in culture and religion. The other suggestions consist of Tonlé Sap, Sihanoukville, Preah Vihear Temple, Siem Reap, Kratié, Koh Ker, Banteay Srei, and Phnom Kulen.