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Cambodia Adventure Tours

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Cambodia culture is strongly influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism from India. Through years of history, those religious beliefs have contributed to the foundation of different aspects of both the spiritual and physical life in Cambodia, ranging from splendid architecture of temples, houses, schools to traditional dances in festivals, traditional folk songs, and lullabies. Despite that influence, the country still keeps itself distinctive cultural identities which anyone can recognize it in the Oriental region. With Cambodian Adventure Tours you will take from here, all images of a beautiful Cambodia, rich in culture, history, and lifestyle will be boasted of.


Cambodians no matter if they are old people, adults, or children always feel proud of their nation’s history. The pioneers came to and settled down in Cambodia in the first century AD, and afterwards, the country underwent uprisings and civil wars in which the powerful force tried to overthrow the contemporary rulers and take the country’s control. Nevertheless, the prosperity of Cambodia was best presented between the 9th and the 13th centuries – this period was the most glorious chapter in history of Cambodia, including Khmer civilization and Angkok Wat – a UNESCO world heritage site.  

Culture and Religion

People of Cambodia have the strongest religious beliefs, compared to others in the world. Hinduism was introduced to that country at the dawn of history and rapidly became the faith of people. Until the 7th century, Buddhism came to and spread over the country whereby it became the national religion just after a short time. Since then, Buddhism has influenced every facet of life and culture in Cambodia. The Buddhism’s appearance in Cambodia contributes to the country’s cultural identities. Pagoda is an iconic image of Buddhism, and now it is not only the center for communal activities of villages, but also preserves the long-standing national culture.


Architecture in Cambodia is extremely distinctive and famous for structures dating back to the era of the Khmer Empire (from the end of the 12th century to the beginning of the 13th century). The architectural styles and the art of decorating bear the hallmark of Buddhism. The typical feature of architecture in that era is that structures were made of wood, bamboo, stones, and straw. When having a Cambodia adventure tour, you will easily realize that temples and pagodas made of stones illustrate in a clear way how special architecture in the era of the Khmer Empire is.   


As a part of the Oriental cuisine, rice is the staple food in Cambodia. The local people prefer fish to meat, and there are also some kinds of traditional cake in special occasions, which is quite the same to the tradition of many other Asian countries, e.g. Vietnam. Cambodian food is definitely what you must taste if you are a gourmet.

Cambodia cuisine is strongly influenced by the cuisine from India and China; hence, most dishes there are sweet, fat, and insipid. Chillies, peppers, and star anise are found in seasonings that are quite familiar to those of India. Meanwhile, the fat food is the hallmark of Chinese cuisine.

Taking a Cambodia adventure tour is the best way to touch the best things of this beautiful country, from history, culture, region, architecture to cuisine.