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Angkor Wat Tours

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Referred to as a temple complex in Cambodia, Angkor Wat is impressively among the largest religious monuments in the globe. With the area of 162.6 hectares, the site was once dedicated to the god Vishnu under the Khmer Empire, but it was step by step transforming into a Buddhist temple at the end of the 12th century.

As for the establishment of Angkor Wat, the King Suryavarman II ordered his people to build the site in the early 12th century in the capital of the Khmer Empire – Yaśodharapura and used it as his state temple and later mausoleum. Here is the only temple remaining its crucial religious center because it is best preserved, compared to the others in the same area.

That is the reason why Angkor Wat is always put in many itineraries to Cambodia, which you will find in the name of Angkor Wat tours or tours to explore Angkor Wat on the internet or brochures of some travel agent. It is not exaggeration that the site is a symbol of Cambodian people, and you can obtain insights into the history of the country in general through this visit. While the architecture of the temples look unattractive at the first sight, its stories are plus points making you fall in love with the site for sure.