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About us

TNK Travel was established in 2001 in the beginning of the new millennium, which is also stated in the meaning behind the letters T.N.K, Thiên Niên Kỷ. The company has been growing at a steady pace ever since, and in 2003 TNK Travel established a Japanese department, which was such a success that the department separated into an individual sister company in 2005. Since then TNK Travels main focus has been on optimizing the quality of our products, which has shown with the positive responds from our travelers. In 2014 TNK Travel was among the top ten companies for inbound tours in Vietnam. The brand of TNK holds a bright future, as we are now looking into expanding further into other markets and serving more nationalities in the future.

In 15 years of operation, our company has grown from a small team of 6 to a staff of over 80. This includes the management board, sales and marketing and operations departments. We also provide a professional, reliable and safe transport fleet.

Core values and Philosophy

At TNK Travel we recognize the fact that today’s costumers are the keys to our future business. Therefore we are carefully selecting our destinations and services, and only after a wide review from the intern staff. We keep following up on the reviews from our travelers so we can keep improving. For TNK the traveling business is not only about making tours, but about the costumer care and providing our travelers an experience and a journey of a lifetime.

Why TNK?

1/ We have an International Tour Operator License granted by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and almost 15 years of experience.

2/ We believe that the truth reaches further so you will never find hidden costs in our tours.

3/ All of our staffs are professional and experienced.

4/ We provide with a wide range of tours, which can also be tailor made according to our travelers.

5/ We do strive to provide our travelers with a journey of a lifetime.

Branding Awareness

We know that the word of mouth travels fast, and we are there for hyper aware of the quality of our services. We are doing everything to provide with excellent customer care in order to meet our travelers expectations. We want to provide with experiences, not just tours. When future travelers think Vietnam – we strive to make them think TNK.

Our products and services

TNK Travel is one of the leading tour operators for S.I.C tours to mayor destinations in Vietnam. Daily we provide services for up to 400 travelers with our key destinations such as the Mekong Delta and Cu Chi Tunnels.

For destinations such as Hue, Hoi An and Sa pa we provide with DMZ tours, where our travelers will have a magnificent chance to learn about the Vietnamese culture and history. TNK Travel is also a shareholder of Signature Cruises in Halong Bay, and is providing with everything from smaller customized celebrations, one day trips to longer cruises at the Bay.

TNK Travel has been operating online since 2003, and have since then been a reliable portal for traveling solutions in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. We specialize in group tours, customized tours for families, and tailor-made experiences for specific groups such as Muslims and others.

We are the mains shareholder of the Beautiful Saigon Hotel Group and Saigon Hostel group and are therefore able to provide with comfortable stays in Ho Chi Minh City at affordable prices. TNK Travel has contracts with hoteliers, cruise companies and airlines and is always up to date with rates and prices in order to provide with the best service solutions for our travelers.

A near future for TNK Travel

TNK Travel has reached a point of professionalism and is now ready to expand into new markets of travelers. We are highly aware of the needs and differences between the nationalities, and are looking into expanding and customizing the tours accordingly. We are currently at a point where we are analyzing and comparing the different markets. We are aiming to be leading the traveling industry in Vietnam as we have been one of the earliest companies; we have the experience en expertize to do so.

Our Archivements:

  • 2015 :

    Trip Advisor Winner

    Tourist Transportation Company in HCMC

    Inbound Tour Operator in HCMC 2015

  • 2014: Vietnam Tourism Award : Top 10 Inbound Tour Operator in HCMC 2014